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Your one-stop solution for Property Preservation work order processing. Our Property Preservation work order processors are experts on every National Property preservation Data Entry software ready to assist you to expand your business endlessly. Property preservation data entry services to update your work orders, virtual assistants to help you manage your business.

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Property Preservation Data Entry & Work Order Processing Services

If you are looking to outsource Work order processing you need to look no further. We provide best quality work order processing services to Regional and National Property Preservation companies. Our teams are trained and managed in utmost professional way to ensure Accuracy and minimum turnaround time. Established in 2010 we have experienced success along with our client’s by continually being in time with high-quality reporting and bidding. Our Skillset of looking at each property from a fresh set of eyes and bidding accurately with our expertise of using all Cost Estimator available Nationally have helped our client’s better bid approval percentage and increased revenue. We understand the pressure we all work under in our industry and the necessity to complete all work within the timeframe without compromising quality. That is why we operate 24/7 ensuring our client’s queues are always monitored and being taken care of.

Our goal is to update and submit your completed work order on the client’s portal with 100% accuracy in a timely manner. We have a double QC process in place to ensure every work order is thoroughly QC’ed before submission by QC analyst once the order is processed by a processor. We always focus on generating maximum revenue by providing competitive bids in line with the client’s guidelines.

Our Services

  • Processing work orders for Field service and Property Preservation companies.
  • Importing and managing queues for Property Preservation Companies.
  • Bidding for repairs on construction and Property Preservation.
  • Assigning orders and managing reports for property Preservation Companies.
  • Support center to answer clients’ and contractors’ questions and provide solutions. 

What is our process

Photos and notes

Once a work is deemed completed and ready to process, we look at the work order instruction from client to determine what exactly is required. We then look at all available photos and notes to confirm that work order is actually completed and ready to be submitted to client.

Completion/PCR/General property information/Damage report

We provide accurate reports on respective client portal. Damage reports are also updated with the latest condition of property following client’s guidelines.

Bidding and using Cost Estimator

Our processors look at every single set of photos with a unique perspective. Every single photo is looked at and noted to ensure no bid is missed and no damages unseen. We are also experienced in using every Cost Estimator available. We provide free Repair Base estimate to our client.

Invoicing client and updating information in cloud

All our work order processors are educated on allowable of all National Companies and all loan type. Work order is invoiced to client accurately using allowable, bid approval price and any communication with client regarding the pricing of the work order.  

Support Center

We have a support center that helps our client 24/7 with any question they may have about a work order. We can be reached to answer any question about a bid or invoice any time. Support center also provide bids on letterhead to send to Nationals when necessary.

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