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Processing work orders

Processing work orders for Field service and Property Preservation companies.

Support center

Support center to answer clients' and contractors' questions and provide solutions. 

Importing and managing queues

Importing and managing queues for Property Preservation Companies.

Bidding for repairs on construction

Bidding for repairs on construction and Property Preservation.

Assigning orders and managing reports

Assigning orders and managing reports for property Preservation Companies.

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Steps of Work Order Processing



Recognize the Loan type and Work order type.


Identify damages and conveyance issues and provide bids as needed.


Download photos from your cloud (PPW,Drop Box, Fieldcomn. etc.)

We save on your additional costs incurred like the space, infrastructure, and HR costs since we will be your back office.


Fill out the completion/Property condition report as required.

Verify estimates using Repair Base and submit bids with labeled photos.


Lebel and upload before/during/after photos and PCR photos.

Invoice client’s according to work order instructions or using client allowable.