An Initial Secure Work Order  is the primary job you may have at a recently evacuated property preservation business company. As a property preservation business company, it is your work to find and record the initial condition of the property and secure the property if needed. Banks will provide you with an allowable sum to do this, other might ask you to do the tasks and submit an invoice later. Some might just want to change the lock or post the notice and need an approximate bid for the whole work on the property Work order processing business.

initial secure work order in the property preservation business

Some considerations in Initial secure Work Order

Before you start any work on an Initial Secure Work Order, make certain that:

  • You are at the right property preservation business
  • The property is empty 

Never plainly rely on your GPS to find a property, as the GPS is not always guaranteed. Always take a close-up photo of the property front and the house address. If the address is not apparent but you are positive that you are at the right property, take pictures of the address on both sides. When there are no numbers on the property, look for them on posted notices or mailboxes. Remember the legal accountability issue, and equip yourself with photographic evidence property preservation business company.

Initial Secure Work Order scope


  • The initial work order includes the following work:
  • Changing the locks.
  • Property winterization Property preservation business Company.
  • Removing damaged doors and windows.
  • Removing hazardous material.
  • Performing an initial grass cut (take before-and-after photos of the areas).
  • Turning off the water if there’s a plumbing leak (this can save the additional damage, which you could then bid to repair) .
  • Binding the leaking roof
  • Moving exterior personal property to a secure area on the property.
  • Removing all interior and exterior debris (Separate bids for interior and exterior debris removal work order is a much preferable choice).
  • Clearing leakage water from the basement.
  • Putting the evacuation notice (If the property is not vacant).

NOTE 1:  Read the work order precisely. Only do the jobs which you have the authority to hold out. If you do work that is not entitled to, it’s unlikely that the bank will not pay you for the extra work .

NOTE 2:  Bid After The Fact. Some customers opt for you to head in advance and submit the invoice to them later. This is the best chance to make the Initial Secure Work Order extra profitable. However, make sure your record and pictures can justify the amount you are invoicing. If the client thinks your invoice is high-priced, they may ask for additional information. It will be helpful to apply a value estimating tool in such a situation.

TPS Services is a property preservation work order processing company that acts like an official who partners with the client and the vendors to settle everything to meet the prerequisites from both ends and offer the best services to the client during the whole property preservation data processing.

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