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The Preservation Solutions is a national property preservation processing services company based in the USA. Our services include Real Estate Preservation Solutions, Property Preservation Work Order Processor, Property Preservation Processing, Property Preservation Updater, and other property-related services in the USA. The success of The Preservation Solutions is the result of our continuous focus on building long-term relationships with our clients based upon trust and integrity. The Preservation Solutions is trusted by some of the nation’s largest banks, municipalities, insurance companies, property managers, and retail companies. The Preservation Solutions has built a management team with a good few years of combined experience in our industry, rivaling that of any field services company. Evidence of the quality of work you will find on our client scorecards. We are committed to providing quality services that are supported by a best-in-class customer service experience. The Preservation Solutions is currently processing over 500 work orders every week in a highly-regulated environment, with the proven ability to handle large volumes, and a history of recruiting and monitoring a substantial vendor network.

Why Us

  • At the Preservation Solutions (TPS), our goal is to be successful along with our clients by providing the best quality service within the shortest notice. We want to be there when our client needs us because we believe quality service with hard work and communication can make anything possible.

  • At TPS Services, we strive to endeavor your company with accurate solutions for all your Property Preservation work order processing and updating needs. If you need the best P&P and REO processing solutions for your company, your quest stops here. We ceaselessly aim to work up to 100% customer satisfaction. We work around your solace and guarantee you the best quality services.

  • All our processors are fluent in English and have undergone vigorous training before being finally hired. They understand the Property Preservation industry and know how it works. Our processors are well educated on every loan type and updated on client requirements regularly.

  • We believe we can only reach our goal if our clients are successful and satisfied with our services. We are inspired to be the best in what we do and have achieved some compliments indicating we already are.


The focus on quality is at the core of The Preservation Solutions’ culture and operating strategy. The Preservation Solutions has set itself apart as a top-quality field services provider for several years. This has been achieved by emphasizing quality assurance at every level of the organization. The Preservation Solutions utilizes a multi-faceted approach starting with the individual work order review. We believe that the main target on and commitment to quality assurance at The Preservation Solutions surpasses that of the other field service provider and is quantified supported our performance results, scorecard comparisons, and overall reputation within the industry.


The Preservation Solutions is committed to providing our clients with up-to-date local ordinance information for municipalities across the USA. The Preservation Solutions collaborates with working groups and participates in related panels at industry conferences to assist lead and shape the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the property preservation industry. The Preservation Solutions leverages it over a few years of history and an experienced management team to know the rules of all major investor and insurer types and leads to our ability to manage large portfolios.


The Preservation Solutions operates our web-based, multi-functional, proprietary technology platform which offers our clients immediate access to field service history like- Real Estate Preservation Solutions, Property Preservation Work Order Processor, Property Preservation Processing, Property Preservation Updater, and other property-related services. The Preservation Solutions has proven its ability to react swiftly to enhancement requests supported by the client and/or industry needs.


With a high-skilled management team containing over many years of experience in the property preservation work order processing industry, The Preservation Solutions offers unparalleled suggestions and best practices on how to resolve challenges as they arise anytime.

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