National Property Preservation Companies

You will undoubtedly want to know where to apply for vendors if you are a new contractor searching for employment in the property preservation industry or if you are the owner of a small preservation firm looking to grow and work with more foreigners. I have thus made an effort to create a list of national property preservation firms that work closely with banks and HUD and are constantly seeking new vendors, along with links to those firms’ vendor application portals and a summary of each business. You can read one of my earlier blogs on the property preservation price list if you’re interested in finding out how much any of these nationals cost. Need help to process your work orders? Click here to learn more.

National Property Preservation

Largest Property Preservation Companies:

The biggest nations are those with the most work and the broadest coverage across the states. They all work in PnP and REO and, generally speaking, make more money than other nationals:

1) Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS)

MCS is currently one of the biggest nationalities. They work on Hazard Repairs, PnP, Eviction, and REO. Contractors must be covered by insurance for general liability and E&O Insurance with a $1 million coverage maximum in order to be accepted as MCS vendors. Their payment is likewise fair, and as of this point, no contractors have complained to me about poor payment. Here is their link to their Vendor Application page.

2) Servicelink

In 2016, Servicelink had a massive change in its vendor platform. The new platform Assetshield has some drastic changes to how orders are processed from before. You can read more about that on our blog on Assethshield. To become their vendor, click on Assetshield Vendor Information.

3) Five Brothers Property Preservation Company

Though Five Brothers is a big national corporation, there have been various complaints about it, including low grass cutting charges, tardy payments, and back billing. But I have seen some contractors collaborate with Five Brothers successfully.

Click on Five Brothers Vendor Application to apply to become their vendor.

4) Safeguard Properties

Safeguard is maybe the biggest national preservation business. They cover nearly every state. They are also among the easiest to start selling. However, it should be mentioned that compared to most other nationalities, their cost for lawn cut providers is rather reasonable. Safeguard Vendor Application.

5) Mortgage Specialists International (MSI)

Another comparatively large national preservation company that provides coverage in several states. If you want to become their vendor, you can get more information at this link to MSI Vendor Contact.

Some other National Property Preservation Companies

Apart from the five large nationals listed above, there are more preservation companies that have work directly with banks, coverage nationwide, and are reputable. Below is their list along with links to their vendor applications:

1) Northsight Management

A nationwide field service management organization, Northsight was established in 2009 and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their areas of expertise include building work, maintaining and repairing rental properties, and property preservation. Most of their work is done in the following states: PA, NJ, CA, NV, OR, WA, MT, WY, TX, ID, and a number of others. To become their vendor, click on Northsight Management Vendor Application.

2) Sand Castle Field Services (SCFS)

Sandcastle was established in 2005 and has long provided support to the field service sector. They are experts in property appraisals, inspections, and field trips in addition to property preservation. The vendor application system’s URL is provided here.

3) Altisource

In addition to offering field services, Altisource Portfolio Solutions also serves as a marketplace for the mortgage and real estate sectors. Even though they do far less preservation work than some other companies, they have been serving the industry for a very long time, so you can count on them for quality work. To apply to work with them as a vendor, click here.

4) Wolverine Real Estate Services

Another field service provider for mortgages, Wolverine, is headquartered in Huntington Woods, Michigan. They are experts in preservation and inspection work. They are one of the finest businesses to work with and pay their vendors quite well. To join their network of vendors, click here.

5) National Field Representatives

With more than 30 years of expertise, NFR is one of the oldest businesses in the mortgage field service sector. NFR services customers in all 50 states and is known for having one of the greatest networks of contractors and vendors in the industry. To submit a request to join their list of contractors, go to NFR Vendor Application Page.

6) Brookstone Management

in 2005, assists in preserving and maintaining abandoned, pre-foreclosure, and REO homes around the country. They have a salary scale that is fairly comparable to Guardian Asset Management. The following link will take you to their vendor application website for contractors doing inspections, preservation work, and repairs & rehab here.

7) Xome Solutions

Formerly known as Assurant Field Services, Xome has developed over the years into a trustworthy field service provider with an expanding clientele in each state it serves. They offer a variety of end-to-end services in addition to property preservation and asset management. Visit their to learn how to become one of their suppliers, vendor application page.

8) Lending Edge Companies

Property management, REO management, and sales management are the areas of expertise of Leading Edge Companies (LEC), another Indianapolis-based asset management firm. Inspections, pre-foreclosure and REO services, property valuation, property management, and property preservation are among services they offer. Apply here to become one of their merchants link.

9) First Allegiance

One of the few recognized women-owned enterprises in the preservation sector, First Allegiance is situated in New Jersey. They focus on providing services in the areas of rental property management, evictions, property appraisals, continuing maintenance, inspections, rehab and repairs, and loss mitigation. Visit the to apply to become one of their suppliers following link.

National Preservation companies that provide only or mostly REO work

Some of the smaller nationals only provide REO work, their pay may be relatively less in comparison to the larger nationals that are present. However, there are no risk and liability issues involved. For startup preservation companies & contractors they a

1) Cyprexx

2) Spectrum Field Services

3) SingleSource Property Solutions

4) IMS

5) PK Management

6) Guardian Asset Management

7) ABBA Construction

8) Homeshield Solutions

9) A2Z Field Services

10) GTJ P&M

11) Repair and Preservation Network (RPN) LLC

One of the nationals you should not work for is National Field Network (NFN). Most of the contractors that I know, who had worked for them made huge losses due to non-payment. Even if you are working for them currently, I would advise you to drop them off.

Hope this list helps you out, also, you can check our company portfolio for a full list of national property preservation companies that we have experience processing for if you need us to help you out with processing work orders.

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National Property Preservation Companies

National Property Preservation Companies

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