Property Preservation Companies

– Current list of the Property Preservation Companies who are always recruiting new vendors with links to their online vendor applications.
– Contact info for the Field Service Manager contract winners in your state… These companies contract directly with HUD.
– Everything you need to know about the handful of industry leading National P&P Servicing Companies… These guys basically control the flow of work in this industry so we created an individual page for each company, with news about them and direct links to their social media, websites and online vendor applications.
– Several insightful articles to help you better understand what it’s like working with these larger organizations.

Why Do So Many Small Property Preservation Companies Have Problems?

Most Property Preservation business owners change the quality of their service based on problems going on in their life. They also love to give excuses every time a difficult situation comes up. Because of this, national Property Preservation companies burn through tons of vendors on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the same fate.

As smaller Property Preservation Business Owners, it is our job to do whatever we have to do to make the employees who work at our Property Preservation Client Company job a little easier. It is easy to forget that you are actually working with an employee at your client’s company and most employees have managers and bosses that they have to report to.

Do not let your personal problems or lack of money interfere with your job to provide an “above-average” quality service to your client, 100% of the time. This sounds a lot easier than it will be to actually implement. Train yourself to become a resourceful business owner and you will be able to avoid letting difficult situations stop you from getting the job done.

Thinking you can just give your clients excuses instead of finished work is a very easy habit to fall into and a very difficult one to break. The secret is to get into the habit of coming up with excuses or “reasons” why you must overcome whatever is standing in your way as well as ways for “how” to do it. This is a simple yet powerful little tweak. Habits are hard to break so don’t expect this to be an easy thing to do.

Give your client the services they are paying you for, every single time and don’t fall into the habit of making excuses. Complete your work orders exactly as your clients want it done and if you run into a tricky situation, make sure to document everything with photos and a thorough description so that your client can easily understand the difficulty of the situation. Also, get used to learning from your mistakes and keeping your emotions in check. If you follow these rules then your clients will never have a reason to get rid of you.

The Industry’s Most Active National Property Preservation Servicing Companies

The following companies are the industry leaders. In other words, they control the majority of the Property Preservation work on a national level. So we created an individual page on this website for each of these leading companies with only the most helpful, UNBIASED information, for you to use when determining who to work with as an REO vendor.

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